– SINCE 1996 –


“My goal was to create an event in which to discuss business and to have fun…” Simona and Benedetta the owners of Luccaorganizza have been able to find that right combination. They have been able to find the right mix with a fabulous evening of entertainment during dinner, something that lightens the mind after the days hectic schedule.

A heartfelt thanks to Simona, Benedetta and all their staff!”

Franco Simi

“Today the importance of workshops in corporate life is always growing. Events are now aimed at getting business results. The participant is no longer passive but active. There is a need for a quality jump in the organization of such events. When I turned to Luccaorganizza I was looking for bringers of new ideas and that I would not offer a prepackaged project but a tailor-made approach for my company. So it was. What to say, I highly recommend Luccaorganizza as a guide to your business events.”

Dott. Luigi PesiDirector Event

“A post-event budget is mandatory. My company turned to Luccaorganizza for the inauguration of our new point of sale. What a satisfaction when we were complimented for the catering, both for the food and for the service and for the courteousy shown from start to finish. The overall presentation of the buffet was taken care of in the greatest detail and the care and perfection immediately stood out. I was really happy and excited to have chosen Luccaorganizza.”

Monica Falchi

“I have been involved in marketing and communication for many years now. I’ve always looked for the best suppliers for the company’s business events I work for. Luccaorganizza has established itself to be an excellent choice: Our events have been very successful especially thanks to their attention and care of every detail. We were all really happy with 100%”

Gianluigi Orsi

“We were looking for a new something. Thanks to Benedetta and Simona we were able to outline and see our project grow. The event for our 30th anniversary of activity was for us really an important occasion, with so much work and expectation. We were able to find the ideal location for our needs and suppliers of really high quality. A closed event We can only thank you for your fundamental collaboration in the organization. Exceptional!”

Claudio Bacci

“My company is a dynamic and young reality. We were looking for an innovative proposal to celebrate together but in an intimate way Christmas 2016, which also gave us a way to make a group between us, that we work in the team every day. Benedetta and Simona have responded in a perfect way to our request. The team building day behind the stove was really a great experience! To the next Master Chef! ”

Federica Silvestri

LUCCAORGANIZZA: Organisation of meetings and Corporate Events

Reliability, creativity and professionalism are some of the characteristics of Luccaorganizza, a company born from the Passion of Benedetta and Simona and conducted for about 20 years through a team of professionals of proven ability. A company specialising for small and large companies, based in Lucca with the aim of distinguishing themselves for innovation and competence and therefore to provide its customers with more flexible and quality services. The experience gained in this long period of activity and the collaboration with important companies has allowed Luccaorganizza to grow professionally and to occupy a place of absolute importance in the regional and national arena, while remaining related to its territory, in which it is considered a specialist.

An efficient organization allows you to offer a range of tailored proposals that match the needs of the customer. Design and development of events, conventions, congresses, seminars, road shows, product launches, open houses, incentives, greeting dinners, celebrations of corporate anniversaries, parties and receptions are the formats that have distinguished Luccaorganizza for years.