2019 Event Trends for your Business

Every year we have new trends for corporate events.

We constantly update on the new trends, to offer to our customers a modern an contemporary service.

If 2019 is the year of your important corporate anniversary and you are thinking about how to make your Gala Dinner unique, today we are going to reveal 3 of the new trends for 2019 corporate events.

  • Sustainable Events

The use of technology has allowed the reduction of printed material and sustainability has become part of the DNA of many brands:
let us also communicate it during your corporate event.
Events become green also in their setting, thanks to the botanical inspiration.
Your event will be rich in plants that will give the place a fresh, lively and creative climate.

  • Historical and Unconventional Venues

The historicity of the venue is an added value, which already offers an experience for guests.
The demand for historical, unique and unconventional places for corporate events is growing and it is one of the most important factors to achieve the WOW Effect.
It is not easy to find venues with all these characteristics because they are little known places and they are renowned mostly by word of mouth.
We are specialized in this, and today we boast a beautiful variety of secret and suggestive venues for corporate events.

  • Social moment

Events become interactive, and to facilitate the selfie moment, there are many ideas:
do-it-yourself cocktails, temporary tattoos, photo booths.
This will give additional visibility to the event, the business image will circulate on the feeds and stories of the various guests.
The added value of this type of communication is that we will talk about the event not only in progress but also once finished.

We look forward to designing your future corporate event with you, making it contemporary by incorporating the new trends.

Benedetta and Simona