We organize Family Days for both small and large companies in the area, providing a complete range of integrated services which are carefully designed and coordinated to offer maximum success of the event.

Our first step in the planning is to define the location. Often these events are an opportunity to show the families of employees what the company is like, with a guided tour of the headquarters. In this case the search for a location is not necessary, but it is essential if the event is going to be held in an alternative place.

Luccaorganizza boasts a vast portfolio of properties, from 15th century villas to working vineyards, historic buildings and beachside bathing establishments, not forgetting the ex-convents, marble quarries and natural history museums.

Depending on the needs of our clients and the mood of the event we’re always able to offer appropriate choices.

The second step is to provide a detailed proposal and estimate for the various services required, such as catering, entertainment for both adults and children, interior and exterior set-ups, hostess staff and audio and lighting services.