Our exclusive locations will be an ideal setting for any type of event.

Imposing castles in the Tuscan Maremma or just a few km from Florence, equipped with rooms for guests, boasting interesting exhibitions of armour and emblems of the period that will be the backdrop to your reception, where the breathtaking views from the terraces give your guests an unforgettable view.

But if you have thought of an unusual event an old sailing ship with great charm can make you toast off the coast hosting up to 50 guests for the night in luxury bunks. The jetty can hold up to 300 guests and a service tender that will arrange to embark your guests from the various jetties and to bring them back to the end of the party.

And if you still have a thought to amaze with everything that the Hi-tech in our day can offer, what better than a huge loft with minimal furnishings accompanied by specialized audio and video material? You can dance until late at night on covered platforms and organize interesting corporate cocktails in the gardens illuminated by light architectures…

Villas and palaces in which the corporate event will have as fifth scenic rare frescoes, refined antiques, splendid loggias lit by candles for dancing.

Unconventional locations will be the perfect setting if you want to impress your guests. The warm stone cellars, immersed in the Tuscan countryside, where you dine among the barrels tasting excellent wines to excite your customers/guests offering them a unique experience.

Sitting on wooden benches in the middle of an ancient vineyard brings an unforgettable emotion to take home.