Team Building

The activities of team building, which have a formative or simply playful value, stimulate the companies to reflect on the importance of working in pleasant relational contexts. For a successful team building activity it is necessary to make experience to the participants firsthand, urging to exchange and contact in a climate of interaction.

Tuscany with its variety of settings, is able to accommodate any type of activity that allows and encourages the construction of the group. Based on the results that a company wants to achieve and the type of fellowship existing in the team, Luccaorganizza can offer a wide range of proposals: from simple walking, cycling or horseback riding. The construction of the group can also take place during a company dinner, with musical or theatrical events, role-playing games or experiences related to wellbeing. Or why not a mini master chef with teams headed by an exceptional chef?

Luccaorganizza provides the company with any type of service related to the precise activities of team building, and logistics to the propositioned main event.